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Cell Phones Repair

We all love our Cell phones but like any other gadget, they are inherently prone to malfunction. The most common problems encountered and thereby rectified by us during our decade-long experience in cell phone repairs in Toronto are summarized below:

Phone not Charging
If the phone is not responding to the charger, then most probably the charging port has malfunctioned. Replacement of the charging port is the most suitable option.

Shattered Mobile Screen
Nothing is more disheartening then a broken cell phone. Charge for a fix varies on the severity of the problem. If the touch screen is still working, then a glass replacement might suffice, which doesn't cost too much. On the other hand, an LCD replacement is costlier in comparison. So, samsung s3/s4 glass repair: Toronto might be cheaper than iphone screen repairs in Toronto.

Battery Draining too Quickly
The phone battery needs to be replaced with a new one if the battery is draining more quickly than before.

Phone Producing no Sound
If you can't hear the sound of the other person on your phone, then a blown speaker might be the problem. This calls for a speaker replacement. A microphone replacement is needed if you can hear the other person, but your sound is not being propagated.

These are just a few of the cell phone problems we have resolved over the years. You can get rid of the annoyance of network restriction with the help of our cell phone unlocking in Toronto. If you have any problem, then visit us and utilize the most comprehensive and economical service of cell phone repairs in Toronto. Sometimes it is better to invest in a new cell phone if the repair cost is too much.

Blackberry Repair

We can repair all difficulties in BlackBerry in 30 min on the spot by licensed technical assistant. We use brand new OEM parts and professional set up. We also can do free diagnostic for your liquid damage or dead BlackBerry.

Good news for blackberry customers in toronto. Your search for high quality blackberry repair center is over.


iPhone Repair

Does your new Apple iPhone need a repair? There are lots of Toronto retailers that will do the key. In what is growing to be a booming business in Toronto as iPhone (and iPad) sales continue to increase, iPhone repair does exist above your friendly local Apple store. Here are options for where to repair your broken iPhone. These stores will generally be able to repair all iPhone models.


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